According to 'Safe Kids Worldwide', more than half of all car seats are installed incorrectly.  The State of New York has now implemented a new law regarding Child Care Seat Safety.  There will be fines if the regulations are not followed.

It's now mandated by law that all children under the age of two must use a rear-facing car seat.The new law applies to all infants under the age of two.

Here's a quote from an ABC Affiliate full new story (link to the full story below):

"Prior to their teens, children have a spine strength that is only about 25 percent of that of an adult," said D'Andrea Joseph, chief of the Division of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery at NYU Winthrop Hospital. "Compounding that weakness is the rapid back-and-forth head movement that can occur in a car crash. It's well-established that car seats save the lives of children and, in particular, that rear-facing car seats help decrease the rapid back-and-forth motion of the infant head, which otherwise could result in significant and permanent injuries."




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