Were members of the state legislature drinking too much before they voted on this 'Bail Reform'?  They actually came up with the conclusion that cash bail should be eliminated for many crimes which once were eligible, so to speak, for bail being set.

An online petition has been created which demands a change to the new law which removes bail being set for many crimes.  This issue is very important to the extent that it has gotten the attention of Governor Cuomo, as well as a vast majority of people in general, urging immediate bail reform.

The new law literally opens the door for crimes to be committed with criminals knowing 100% that they will be released because bail CANNOT be set.  I spoke to a Bail Bondsman who was completely confused as to why criminals are being set free. He even joked that there are Boosters (career thieves) who are coming out of retirement, knowing that if they're caught, bail cannot be set for the low-level crime they've committed.

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Here's a list of crimes (according to reports) in which the New Bail Reform Rules (Law) apply ...meaning there can be NO BAIL SET for these crimes ... the defendant is simply jet go and trusted to come back to court. There are some very reprehensible crimes currently on the list, including forms of assault, larceny and arson.

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