How do you argue with a company called regarding a study that measures, obviously, the 'Best Places' to ... you can fill in the rest with just about anything, like the 'BestPlaces' to get sunshine...and the answer to that question would show Buffalo and Niagara Falls near the bottom of that list. As a matter of fact, forget about the hypothetical 'ifs' regarding the 'BestPlaces' for sunshine because a study like that was done, but regarding a condition just the opposite of sunshine...the study measured the BestPlaces for 'gloom'...and guess who came in 3rd place in all of America as being the Gloomiest? Yesssss, you guessed it ... Buffalo & Niagara Falls.

Think about that for a moment...NIAGARA FALLS??? Isn't Niagara falls supposed to one of the premier tourist attractions in the world? The factors taken into account in order to be crowned Gloomiest Place in America, according to, were:

  • Percentage of Cloud Cover
  • Average Hours of Daylight
  • Days With Precipitation

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