Here at Power 93.7fm Wblk The Peoples Station, we are always looking for the next big thing. Let us introduce you to the next superstar out of Upstate NY. Dwayne Collins came thru the studio to sit down with our own SteelBoutMoney to talk music his life and more. Plus he brought us his latest single "Lotta Love"  off his upcoming project Electric Soul.

(Free download below)

"At the age of 14 Dwayne met Chaz Bruce and Ronnie Moore; whom he became close friends with, who shared his passion for music, and together they formed the group “Third Avenue” he learned how to harmonize during his time with the group. While now in high school,"Third Ave" was booking gigs, and recording their first album. During this time Dwayne was at his father's home one evening during a robbery gone bad he was shot seven times two weeks before his 18th birthday.

By the age of twenty one he was doing one year in county jail. Still, In the midst of the madness he did take the time to get his GED.

For Dwayne a regular 9 to 5 seemed foreign, hustling and robbing was how he supported himself and his family. His first child was born when he was 23 years old. Dwayne Collins III. Dwayne had already
met Midnight beatz and started learning how to record his own vocals.
He left Rochester to really learn the the technical side of the music industry. He lived in Bronx, NY for a time and Atlanta, GA. He also spent countless studio hours with DJ Green Lantern, Team Invasion, 38 Spesh, Label mare, and Klass Murda etc.  By this time Dwayne had crafted his own unique sound with producer Midnight Beatz.

However, Dwayne couldn't keep himself away from the attraction of the streets and in 2012 found himself on the way to prison to serve a 3 1⁄2 year term. The year before Dwayne went to prison his brother David began serving a 3 1⁄2 stint. Right now his other brother Jaquan is serving a term in North Carolina.

While in prison Dwayne's mother had a heart attack and he was unable to be with her. Dwayne realized that the world didn't stop for him while he was doing time. For the first time in his life Dwayne had time to figure out who he was and who he wanted to be. He was able to release himself from all that he had been, all that he had done and make a conscious decision about the kind of man he wanted to be. He came out of prison on October 22, 2016, a new man, one with a sound mind, a clear purpose and a defined plan. One who believes in smart work, family first and quality of life. After gaining control of his demons Dwayne feels success is inevitable. With his creativity being fueled by pain his words paint pictures we all can relate too."

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