The city of Buffalo is known for being the place to go for great chicken wings. There are so many different styles of wings to choose from here in the city, that if you don't have a favorite chicken wing that you always go to, most people will never get bored of eating chicken wings here.

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There is a national chicken wing shortage and some experts say that it was brought on by the pandemic. Wings are in high demand right now according to the National Chicken Council, mainly because chicken wings are a great takeout item. The council says that sales are up about seven percent nationally. There are times when we expect to consume a lot of chicken wings like during the Super Bowl. Last year,  Americans consumed about 1.4 Billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl.

I recently spoke with some bar and restaurant owners that are starting to feel the pinch as well.

The cost of wings is very expensive now and small businesses like my restaurant are getting hit even harder than those bigger chain restaurants, because were not buying as much as them our cost is a lot higher than theirs. My average cost of a wing nowadays is about 80 cents, that's my cost before sauce and packaging. There are other cost factors as well, unemployment and stimulus checks are giving people the opportunity to stay home, which means there are not enough workers to supply the demand and that drives up the cost as well.

Said, Quincy Morris Owner of @elevan Wings & Cuisines.

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I often order chicken wings and expect that a single order would be about $10 or $12 bucks, that's not the case anymore.

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