There are just some things that you take for granted when living in Western New York.

Sometimes, it's the fact that someone always has a snowbrush in their car, no matter the weather or temperature. Other times, it's the fact that you can get anywhere in the region in about 15 minutes, no matter where you're going.

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One thing that I am guilty of taking for granted is the fact that there is only one thing you pair with wings: blue cheese. However, it seems that several new members of the Buffalo Bills have never experienced this.

So, what would happen if the Buffalo Bills' rookie players were introduced to wings with blue cheese for the first time? We now know thanks to the team, which sat down with nine rookies who had never tried Blue Cheese before to get their opinions of the vital add-on for wings.

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Travis Clayton #67, DeWayne Carter #90, Ray Davis #22, Frank Gore Jr. #20, Rondell Bothroyd #97, Javon Solomon #56, Keaton Bills #60, Edefuan Ulofoshio #48, and Gunner Britton #61 all dug into a single order of La Nova wings in various flavors with a nice bowl of blue cheese, and what happened after was quite eye-opening.

It really be blowing my mind when y'all be saying like 'we only eat blue cheese here'... I'm like, I don't think I've ever tried blue cheese in my life before... Like, ever. Probably. If this is blue cheese, this will be my first time. All right... You know it's actually not that bad. I ain't gonna lie, that's pretty solid. Ok I'll stop hating.
-Edefuan Ulofoshio

The consensus of the players is that Blue Cheese is the way to go.

Welcome to Buffalo, guys; you're officially invited to the cookout.

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