Every have a craving for some fast food so bad that nothing else mattered. Well, this week’s jerk of the week comes from Florida and this 41 year old mother of two is getting a lot of attention after a video of her in a McDonald's went viral this week.

Apparently the woman walked three blocks topless and in a thong to McDonald's. On her way into McDonald's she made a sexual proposition to one of the McDonald's employees in the parking lot. When the man decline she went into the McDonald's and started to destroy the registers and ransacking the McDonald’s as employees stand by and watch almost powerless.

Details about this incident are scarce – it seems McDonald’s wanted to sweep this under the rug but a recently fired employee released the video online and it went viral.

At one point the Florida woman, even stuck her head under the ice cream dispenser as she made herself a little snack before heading to the back to add fries to her impromptu lunch order.

She was arrested on site and charged with resisting arrest with violence and felony criminal mischief. Doctors examine the woman after she was arrested and stated she was not under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. The Florida woman claimed she doesn't remember the incident due to a bipolar episode - but that won’t stop her from being this week’s JERK OF THE WEEK.

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