As we approach a very important Presidential Election, which every one of them is, this election year is no different than any other I've witnessed regarding an attempt to get young people to vote.  I ran across a video like none other I've seen that might just be certainly got my attention early and then kept it.

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A website called identified 11 barriers to young people voting: (Click on each item to learn more)

  1. Voter ID requirements. 
  2. Lack of language access.
  3. Voter roll purges. 
  4. Polling place closures/consolidations.
  5. Lack of funding for elections. 
  6. Provisional ballot requirements.
  7. Reduced early voting. 
  8. Reduced voting hours. 
  9. Poorly trained poll workers. 
  10. Partisan election administrators. 
  11. Creation of at-large local offices to dilute minority votes. 


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