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'Little Peyton's Poem'! [Viral Video]
Here's some encouragement for you for 2016 and BEYOND from a Little Young Lady named Peyton.
2015 exposed so much NEGATIVITY and one of my 2016 New Year's Resolutions is to share more positive content with you.  This video falls into that category and I hope it encourages you as much a…
When Amber Simone decided to sing her version of "The Worst", by Jhene Aiko at a friends graduation party she had no idea it would take off like it did and now over two million views later she is still shocked as the views keep growing . Check out the video everyone is still t…
Dad Does Nae Nae [VID]
Silento's hit song and dance "Watch Me" has thousands of kids and teens making their own fan videos but when this little girl's dad jumps in, he steals the show with his cowboy hat and wrangler jeans! You've never seen the Nae Nae dance quite like this before.

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