This is an interesting story, in my opinion, to say the least!

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed loves making and inventing electronic gadgets so he made a clock that looked like a BOMB and brought it to school to impress his engineering teacher.

IT WORKED! His Teacher was so impressed that he had Ahmed ARRESTED because the contraption emulated a BOMB, and it did!

I commented that this is an interesting story because if I were a teacher and ANY Student brought THIS (pic below) to school...I think I'd be a bit "SPOOKED"! I would definitely have reacted in a way that may not have been equivalent to Ahmed's Teacher, but I would most assuredly have to have the item removed from the room and checked.  

Once everything was "cleared", I would apologize and EXPLAIN why I reacted the way I did and CONGRATULATE Ahmed, but the point I'm making is that the teacher RIGHTFULLY was concerned.  It isn't like no student has ever attempted to massacre a large number of his/her peers in a school.

Texas Muslim Student Clock
YouTube / Irving Police

I don't find fault with the teacher being "concerned" that the clock was a bomb...based on it ticking and looking like a BOMB, but I do think an arrest was a gross over-reaction!

If you were the TEACHER would you have been alarmed or just taken Ahmed's word for it that his clock was not a bomb? [TAKE THE POLL]

Ahmed speaks out about the incident:

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