Muslim Boy Arrested for Clock
This is an interesting story, in my opinion, to say the least!
Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed loves making and inventing electronic gadgets so he made a clock that looked like a BOMB and brought it to school to impress his engineering teacher...
Should Japan Pay Ransom $?
If you were the decision maker and Leader in Japan and two of your citizens were being held hostage by ISIS or any Terrorist Group demanding $200,000,000 ....what would you do?
Are the lives of the citizens worth FUNDING the Terrorists AND setting a precedent such that next week they can capture more…
Man Attacks Police w/ Hatchet
More and more weird and random incidents, "Threatening
to the Public"  are taking place...and now a man with a HATCHET has attacked a group of Police Officers in New York City!
Do Public tragedies scare you?
Three people are dead and more than 150 people were injured in the Boston Marathon Bombings yesterday. Do tragedies like this make you afraid to attend large events like this?