There are quite a few ways to describe Buffalo. If it's not the Queen City, it's the City of Good Neighbors. Some people call it the Nickel City, while most often I refer to this place as a food city with a serious drinking, football, and hockey problem.

When it comes to food, the people of Buffalo have their favorites: be it wings, beef on weck, or pizza - this is one of the best places to find many of those things and we do it in a way that causes people from all over the world to rank Buffalo as one of the top food cities in the world.

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Of all of these things, Buffalo has a super special relationship with at least two of them. We all know about how wings are connected with Buffalo, but the 716 is also widely considered to be the pizza capital of the country as well.

Given this fact, I find it pretty surprising how excited people are getting after the recent announcement that Pizza Hut is returning to the area. With all of the great local options for pizza, the amount of chain restaurants that exist in Buffalo still boggles my mind.

From the slice of pizza you can grab from the corner 7-Elevem to getting a hot pie served by Mr. Chuck E. Cheese himself, there are tons of places you can get a box of pizza that is quick, fast, and easy.

While I would rather go back to elementary school at Hilary Park Academy and get a slice of pizza from the lunch lady before choosing one of these places, people like what they like, so with that said, what national chain pizza place has the best pizza in Western New York?

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None of these are on my list, but who am I to disagree with people who would rather eat cardboard with pizza sauce on it?

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