Donald Trump's surprising win of the 2016 Presidential election has already divided the country, and things aren't looking too positive. While social media is filled with Trump supporters expressing their unfiltered views on the controversial candidate taking the win, protestors are taking to the streets of major cities to rally against him. Manhattan was packed with over 100,000 protestors last night, as they walked along the city's streets, making noise about their outrage.

The hip-hop community is not staying quiet about Trump's win, with artists using their platforms to speak out against the election results. Meek Mill and T.I. have separately gone as far as taking to the heavily-populated streets with protestors, and they've been documenting all of it on their Instagram pages. The Philly rapper was seen posted up on the sides of the street, filming rally attendees as they walked by. He even encouraged them to go harder with their anti-Trump chants.

T.I. joined protestors in front of the Trump Tower, where he could be seen flashing his middle finger up at the building. He recorded multiple videos in the crowd, stating to fans, "This ain’t supposed to be how people react to the election of the president. This ain’t what we built up for, this ain’t what we about. This some bulls---."

As the election results were coming to a close, and Trump's win became clear, T.I. voiced his opinion on Instagram, writing, “I swear on my life, If I could’ve done more I would’ve. We all deserve better. We just gotta live through this & prepare ourselves for what’s next.”

Watch T.I. and Meek Mill at the anti-Trump rallies in different cities in the videos below.

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