Presidential Election

Black Doll & Noose @ Canisuis
I'm going to assume this foolishness has some association with the recent Presidential Election seeing as this incident took place on the evening of the election.
This racially motivated event happened at Canisius College where the Black Student / White Student ratio is 6...
Ben Carson Speaks!!
African-American GOP (Grand Ol' Party) aka republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson, spoke in Harlem at a press conference and addressed some of the folks that say he's an Uncle Tom!
500,000+ Urge Macy's: Dump Trump
After going on a ridiculous Twitter rant following the re-election of President Obama, I had to un-follow Donald Trump. Now Macy's is using Donald's racially charged "birther conspiracy" theory to draw shoppers to the store this Holiday season. See the ad and find ou…
Who Gets Your Vote?
Supposedly voting is a "CONFIDENTIAL" process such that some people flatly refuse to say who they're voting for...and I don't get it.  It's not necessary for me TO get it...everyone has a right to their own reasoning and opinion...and my opinion is...