I started to do this post about 3 days ago right after it was announced that Mayor Byron Brown revealed his City of Buffalo Budget Proposal for 2018-19 but I hesitated because all of the News Stories I read were confusing and too in depth for me to understand let alone interesting enough to read.  Today I saw coverage of the event / story on the Buffalo Rising website and OMG what a relief..the report / story is written in a way I can appreciate, understand, and be interested in.  What's different?  Well, there's no better way to tell a story than to get all the facts directly from the "horse's mouth"...and that's what Buffalo Rising gave me in their article.  They allowed Mayor Brown to explain things himself by offering direct quotes from the Mayor regarding his budget as well as how it will benefit Buffalo and why it was necessary to do and propose certain things.  Thank you so much Buffalo Rising.

Here is some of what Mayor Brown said regarding  the Proposed FY 2018-19 City Budget (according to BuffaloRising.com:)


"This budget also highlights innovative solutions for confronting the many challenges that cities across the nation are facing. These solutions will identify new—and previously—untapped sources of revenue for programs and services which enhance the quality of life for residents and give us the flexibility to invest in new ideas and initiatives that will ensure the continuation of our City’s unprecedented growth." 

Although Property Taxes will increase, Mayor Brown is proposing a budge that exceeds last year's spending and deems it necessary due to the rising cost of health care, increased pension costs, cost of living adjustments, and rising costs due to a greater need for more City services, according to the Buffalo Rising News Article.

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