According to News Sources, 'Jobs' and 'High Tech' were the buzzwords that sparked much excitement in Mayor Byron Brown's State of the City 2019 Address this past Friday.  The greater news is that these jobs are not such that you need to take a bus or drive miles and miles away just to work, which is a major challenge for some.  Mayor Brown spoke about jobs, many of them high tech, being developed in neighborhoods close to where people live.

Here are some of the major Job and Training opportunities presented by Mayor Brown, according to the news source we have

  • M&T Bank will be moving 1,000 tech jobs to the city
  • ECMC has a new trauma and emergency center which will help to create jobs
  • Northwest Bank has committed $100 million to reinvest on the east side.
  • Seneca One tower, Developer Doug Jemel, bought the old Buffalo Police headquarters on Franklin Street and plans to re-develop the property and o fronted the city $10 million to help with car sharing on Main Street right away.
  • 'FLORA CALIFORNIA' plans to build a $200M Cannabis Campus which will be one of the biggest in the world and promises thousands of jobs that will in part specifically benefit those in the community who are most vulnerable to unemployment.


Mayor Brown urges you to keep a close watch on specific locations to keep abreast of new jobs and especially Job Training opportunities ... here are some of the suggested sources for info and training, according to the News Report regarding the Mayor's State of the City 2019 Address:

 The City's Employment Training Centers:

  • BETC
  • Beverly Gray Business Exchange Center
  • Northland Workforce Training Center

In the News article, Mayor Brown urges City Residents:

"We are asking for residents to take advantage of all of these training and business opportunities that exist in our city now."

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