At yesterday's reunion of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,  cast members Mimi, Tammy, Althea, Joseline, Debra, Stevie J and Benzino got into an all out brawl! It got so bad that the cops and paramedics were called to treat several of the cast members for injuries.

Watch the video here.


So apparently, on Tuesday Stevie J leaked semi-nude photo of Benzino’s fiancée Althea Heart. On the set of the reality show reunion Benzino cracked about Stevie J and Joseline’s alleged drug use and that led to a physical fight. While security tried to separate Benzino and Stevie J, TMZ reports that Joseline attacked Althea. When Ms.Joseline goes after Waka’s wife Tammy, Bambi and Waka’s mom jumped in. #ThatIshCray

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