A Chicago woman learned there are many benefits to early voting. Not only did she avoid long lines at the poll, thanks to her fiance, she got a kiss from the President! Watch the viral video here.

President Obama was in Chicago on Monday campaigning for Gov. Pat Quinn, and leading the Democratic push for early voting in Illinois by casting his ballot on the first day of early voting near his Chicago home.

Obama stood at a voting booth next to Aia Cooper, whose fiancé, Mike Jones, decided to mess with the President, telling him

"Don't touch my girlfriend"!

Obama was really cool about it and even joked around with the couple, telling Mike,

"I really wasn't planning on it," before adding that Jones was "an example of a brother just embarrassing you for no reason."

Before exiting the poll booth, the President gave Aia a kiss on the cheek and told her "Now he's really jealous"! Ha!! #SmoothOperator

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