Bettie Jones, Quintonio LeGrier
What's supopsed to be a joyous time of the year turned into a nightmare for a Chicago family on the city's West side after A 19-year-old college student and 55-year-old mother of five suffered fatal gunshot wounds
Students Sing Drake parody for Holiday Assembly
I though this was super cute, and Drake would have been proud. These talented third grade students from Chicago's Gresham School of Excellence performed "Sleigh Bells Ring", an adaptation of Hotline Bling, for friends and family during their holiday assembly last week...
#BlackLivesMatter Across U.S.A.
#BlackLivesMatter Protests erupted all over America after the Ferguson decision not to indict Darren Wilson. See pics & video from the peaceful rallies calling for Justice and watch how the Militant Police forces violate our civil & basic human rights!
I'm not really sure what to think about this situation.  I am of the opinion that the Balck gentleman got what was deserved... however, beyond that... i'm not sure the el;derly man is telling the Truth.
What do you think?  
Did the Elderly Man do the right thing and any o…

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