Important Voting Information
Tomorrow is a very important day, election day! Get important info, like polling locations, the local candidate list and even how to get a free ride from Liberty Cab to your polling location!
Voting Rally to Happen in Buffalo November 7th!
The Black Lives Matter Chapter is hosting a voter rally on today, November 7th at 6pm. The goals are to get young folks excited about voting and make the statement to all elected officials that the community will never vote for a candidate that wants to take us back to "Stop and Frisk!&…
The #1 Complaint Called in Yesterday at New York State Polls
According to state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office, New York voting problems reached over 700 inquiries – and that was all before happy hour.
The #1 complaint in New York State was people who got to the polls and were told they were not registered
The second biggest complaint wa…

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