While they may not be coming to take over the world, Robots are more and more ingrained into our lives and here are some jobs that could use robots to replace you!

1. Data Entry Clerk - Sure you can type 70+ words a minute, but robots can do it quicker, longer, and with fewer mistakes.

2. Telemarketer - This is already happening! Sure it is nice to hang up on a humane voice, but robots have no emotions and don't feel back not taking you off the No Call List.

3. Bank Teller - With more and more people banking online and with APPS it seems to have a live person behind a counter at a bank is becoming less necessary.

4. Travel Agent. With websites like Orbitz and Priceline, booking trips is easy to do online and finding the best deal is just a couple of clicks away.

5. Driver - While many of us still like to sit behind the wheel of our car, the invention of the self-driving vehicle and GPS navigation is slowly leading us to a world of robot drivers!