People often think an explosive music career just happens, but that is not typical for most people in the music business. From time to time, things move pretty fast, but for the most part, they move slowly.

For Lola Brooke, things started slow, but once TikTok got its hands on her music, things started to blow up, and her talent and charisma helped Lola propel her to fame.

Brooke initially dropped her break-out single Don't Play With It in May 2021. The song, which was produced by Dizzy Banko and features additional vocals from Billy B, was considered by many to be a sleeper hit and started to blow up in 2022 when it took off after being shared widely on TikTok.

Now, with her debut album, Dennis Daughter on the streets, the You rhymer is poised for greatness in the music business.

Who Is Lola Brooke

Born and raised in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood as Shyniece Thomas, Lola Brooke knew from an early age that rap was for her. Growing up listening to the likes of 50 Cent, Meek Mill, and Lil Wayne helped to inspire her to pursue her career in the music biz.

As an established artist in the game, Lola plans to continue Brooklyn’s legacy of producing great music on her terms, sealing her spot among New York’s finest.

Lola Brooke Checks In With WBLK

With her new album, Dennis Daughter, now out, Lola checked in with the 716 to talk about music, life, the inspiration behind the new album, and more. You can check out a few excerpts of our conversation with Lola Brooke below:

Dennis Daughter Is A Deep Album, Where Did The Energy And Motivation Come From?

When You Decided It Was Time To Quit The Job You Had And Pursue Music Full Time, Were You Nervous?

What's A Piece Of Advice You Can Give To Another Artist Who's On The Come Up?

The Song Dear Dennis, What Motived You To Talk To Your Dad In This Way?

You Featuring Bryson Tiller Sounds Like It Displays Another Side Of Lola?

Lola Brooke

Few have been able to stay true to the roots that is Brooklyn, New York while also possessing the necessary charisma and talent to transcend its world-renowned identity. However, Lola Brooke has shown herself to be just that, while also making a stand-out case as one of the new heavyweights in a city that might just boast the best legacy in all of Hip-Hop. Though short in stature, her lyrical presence and personality cast a skyscraper-sized shadow over the game. With quotable lyrics and unforgettable bars, she delivers street-influenced songs with an unwavering confidence and an unpredictable cadence that evokes an essence reminiscent of the golden age of Hip Hop as she leans into the future of music with genre-busting fire.   

She's earned the ears of listeners on a global scale with singles that have exemplified her fiery artistry, powerhouse lyricism, and undeniable charisma. Now, Lola Brooke is poised to reach the hearts of many more with her first body of work, Dennis Daughter, set to be released on 11/10/23.

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

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