A project to restore parts of the original Humboldt Parkway in Buffalo by covering the Kensingsington Expressway has been discussed for several years. That talk has started to turn into a reality.

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Earlier this year, the Federal Government awarded a multi-million dollar grant to New York to help the state kick off the project and start construction on the Kensington Expressway Tunnel.

NEw York State Department of Transportation
New York State Department of Transportation

The US Department of Transportation has awarded Buffalo a $55 million grant from the Restoring Communities program. These funds are intended to be used to help reconnect the neighborhoods that were separated when the Kensington Expressway separated them.

The damage done to the original Humboldt Parkway, and the surrounding neighborhoods has long been heralded as one of the worst mistakes that government officials have done in Buffalo's more than 200-year history. The construction of the Kensington Expressway in the late 1950s destroyed what Frederick Law Olmsted called the widest and grandest street in all of Buffalo and forever changed the face of the city as it also decimated several neighborhoods throughout the central city and also displaced an untold number of families and businesses.

US Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Is In Buffalo To Officially Announce The Funding

Secretary Buttigieg is in Western New York, along with other officials like Governor Hochul and Senator Schumer to fully announce the project and give Buffalonians a first true look at what the new reimagined Humboldt Parkway will look like.

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Testifies Before Senate Hearing On 2023 Budget
Getty Images

Sec. Buttigieg joined me earlier today to discuss this project, along with other concerns that impact Buffalo and the nation.

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Kensington Project Concepts

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