This global pandemic is showing no signs of letting up no matter what some people may think. According to WGRZ, Frontier High School will go to remote learning, this steams from a few COVID-19 cases within the last month.

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The remote learning process will be in effect for 2 weeks until November 13th, there were 4 teachers that tested positive at the high school and 1 teacher at the middle school. Remote learning can be difficult for some teachers and parents to get used to, students in most cases need to be face to face with their instructor.

According to WGRZ, the school district said in a Facebook post, that due to these positive cases the staff members will have to quarantine for 2 weeks. I have friends with kids at the high school, and some parents have some concerns about bringing their children back period.

There is an additional three teachers being quarantined at the high school. Of the five positive and one of the quarantines, we've been given information that it all happend at a socail gathering outside of school.

said, Superintendent Dr. Richard J. Hughes according to WGRZ

In my opinion, It's going to very important going forward to follow the CDC guidelines for stopping the spread of this dreadful virus, now is not the time to put your guard down, it's easy to forget especially when you're around people you know, or at a gathering where this is drinking, let's stay safe.

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