Our area of NY State (Buffalo-Niagara Falls) is ranked 49th nationally among areas with 25,000  or more small businesses, according to a  bizjournals.com article.  Buffalo has 26,402 small businesses, according to a Business First breakdown of new federal data.

Here are some ways you can support your local businesses in light of what's going on with many local businesses unable to invite people inside of their stores or places of business:

1.  Support the businesses Social Media sites and websites by keep checking for updates and supporting the content on their sites.

2. Call in or Pick Up Orders from local restaurants

3. Buy Gift Cards for yourself and others which you can use once the stores re-open

4. Create a review of the business and post it on Social Media, Yelp, or other sites that rate businesses.

5. Download the WBLK App and 'Tap That App' for information about local businesses, events, and news.

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