In Buffalo, we have our favorite places to hang out for a good time. Buffalo has some of the nicest Bars & Restaurants on the east coast in my opinion, and I have seen plenty. Back in the day, on the east side of Buffalo, there were a few local bars that everyone went to, some people were regulars, so they had their favorite drink and their favorite person to serve them. In my opinion, a very good bartender is one that is polite, friendly, fast, and can make a very good drink. Then there are the great ones, that know their clientele, what their drinking, and even go as far as having their drink ready for them at their favorite seat at the bar.

There are plenty of great bartenders in Buffalo. Actually, I think it's pretty hard to find a bad one here. Some of the female bartenders in the gallery have been loved by many in Buffalo for a long time, and always seem to be pretty consistent in what they do.

These Bartenders Are Loved By So Many Buffalo

As many of you may know, I have played music as a Dj in every Bar & Restaurant in the city of Buffalo. One thing I know for sure is, Buffalonians have their favorite places to go and they tend to be very consistent when it comes to who they like to serve their drinks. Now, all bar owners know that there are some bartenders that hook their friends up maybe a little more than they would like them to, but there is a trade-off because most people only go to places where they know the bartender or some other aspect of the bar that they really enjoy.

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