Do you remember the trailblazing dance crews with Kangol hats and retro windbreakers back in the 80s? I remember walking into the Juneteenth festival that was full of culture and seeing the dance pioneers groove on the streets of Buffalo. These dance crews from different neighborhoods would practice all year long for their chance to showcase their talent while battling other dance crews.

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"The Zodiacs", "The Boys",  "Jealousy " and  The  Prep Masters, just to name a few. Although you could see these groups at some of your favorite night clubs, the Juneteenth was the place where crews got their reputation.

There were also some girl crews too, "Weezy G and Pattie P", "The Golden Girls" and, "The Girls". I remember those windbreaker suits, knee pads, and the most essential thing you needed to complete your B-Boy or B-Girl ensemble, were shell-toe Adidas, they were as important to a dancer, as football cleats were to a football player.

I recently spoke with DJ Gentelmen Foxx of " The Boys"  Mr. Foxx said,

We danced all over the city, some crews were better than others but we all had respect for one another, there was one man in Buffalo that was not in a group, but everyone in the city knew of him, his name is "T Foster" you could not mention a old school dance crew without talking about him

I  guess you can say, I love reminiscing. In my opinion, dancing back in the day was a big part of the B-Boy and B-Girl culture in Buffalo and it was always fun to see the crews battle.

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