Growing up in the city of Buffalo there are a few things I love about my city. I started my career as a DJ in the early '90s when the club scene was at its peak in my opinion.

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The first club at the top of my list is a place called the “Poor Man's Palace.” This club was a great dance club with a wide range of music, including hip hop, R&B, and everything between. The dance floor was surrounded by mirrors, I always judged my performance by the appearance of the mirrors after the party. If the mirrors were full of handprints, I was sure to get a tip at the end of the night.

The best part of Buffalo in the '90s was there were bars and nightclubs all over town. Another one of my favorite spots was a small bar called “Birchfield's” which was known for having great DJs and Buffalo’s famous chicken wings. This building is now owned by a local businessman and friend of mine Mr. Dennis Wilson, and the bar is now called the “Oakk Room.”

Former Bills player and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly also had a nightclub here in Buffalo called “Networks.” I liked this place because it was where the who’s who of Buffalo and Western New York came to mingle, dance, and enjoy great music.

Another of Buffalo’s most popular night clubs was “The Vermillion Room,” the party spot “where you have to go up to get down.” That was the slogan because you literally walked up a steep flight of stairs to the party. Many celebrities passed through “The Vermillion Room” including superstars Mary J Blige, Christopher Williams and even the late Rick James.

Last but certainly not least on my list of the best of Buffalo’s '90s club scene was a place called the "I.P.E." This was a bingo hall that a good friend of mine, Marc L. Fuller, turned into a dance club for teenagers to come party safely in.

I enjoyed DJing in all of these bars and night clubs, My favorite club to play was the “Poor Man's Palace”--that was where I got my start. The club had great service and everyone there knew one another which made my job as a DJ fun and exciting every weekend.

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