Back in 1983, the first mobile phone came out according to The phone was the Motorola Dyna Tac 8000X, and it cost a very pretty penny--$4000.00. Thankfully, that was a little before the time I needed to have a cellphone.

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According to, handheld phones back in the day weighed 2.4 pounds and were 9'x5' in size. Fast-forward to the 90s, my favorite cellphone was the Motorola Star-tac. It was a small phone, very stylish, and back in those days, teenagers mainly got phones for that reason.

How's this for trivia about old cell phones? According to, the name "cellular Phone", was used because areas served by towers were divided up into "cells"--hence the word "cellular".

Thank goodness today's cellphone technology is much better--just think about the security. Remember back in the day? Anyone could just pick your phone up and use it. Now, you need a passcode or a face to open your phone. Also, the fact that I could just text somebody and tell them whatever I want without actually talking to them works for me, although some prefer to hear that voice on the phone.

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