This is not about another Liquor Store or Corner Store, both of which you can find in pretty much ANY Inner City without even looking.  This is about YOU coming together with others in Buffalo to help build a Community Store where you can get Healthy Foods right at your finger tips by going right down the street to a store you helped establishment such as this is called a Co-Op.  It's a Community Based Effort whereas the Community actually has a vested interest in a business within their immediate Community.

The African Heritage Food Co-Op is already established in name, now all that's needed is Community Support.  The African Heritage Food Co-Op's overall mission is to build an actual store (Supermarket) which serves the East Side Community (for starters) that sells Healthy Foods...Fruits & Vegetables, etc.  Healthy foods are a challenge to come by in predominantly African-American Communities, forcing people to either eat unhealthy fast-foods ate Corner Stores, or pay an arm and a leg for the limited Healthy Produce Foods they do carry.

Wouldn't it be great to not have to travel miles away to get Healthy Foods?  The African Heritage Food Co-Op is going to make that happen with your help.  How do you help?

This Saturday, April 28, from 4pm - 7pm The African Heritage Food Co-Op is holding a Fundraiser at Kern's Bowling Center at 163 Kern's Avenue.

According to Buffalo Rising, he African Heritage Co-Op has already established a Membership Base and is consistently Hosting (food) Pick-Up and Pop-Up locations where Members can get their healthy food items.  President of the organization, Alexander Wright said this:

“I’m from the East Side of Buffalo. You see a serious lack of fruits and vegetables, outrageous pricing and a lack of businesses representative of the community,”

According to Buffalo Rising, current African Heritage Food Co-Op Members pay only $30 and are given a huge box of healthy fruits and vegetables . President Alexander Wright also shared this:

“We try to pack the boxes. We want the boxes to be overflowing, Wright said. “The amount may change depending on the produce offerings, but we make it our business to give you well over what you would have paid at the box stores.”

So come out and bring the Family on Saturday to Kern's Bowling Center, 163 Kerns Avenue, from 4pm-7pm, rent some bowling shoes (available at Kerns) or bring your own shoes and ball and show us what you got in the way of Bowling or come bowl even if you never have...come have some fun for a great cause.

Healthy Foods will be available for sale (for next to nothing) to non- members during the fundraiser as well as bowling. For more info call 716-573-1844 or go the The African Heritage Food Co-Op's Facebook Page

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Here's another Healthy Food Community Venture available Every Friday:

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