Kelly Rowland is ready to take over the summer, and she's getting a little help from Destiny's Child! But first, she had to release some negativity and hurt that she held in for too long! Watch the video and listen to the new song "You've Changed" inside.


This Memorial Day Weekend, while most celebs were partying in Las Vegas or Miami, Kelly Rowland was baring her soul on a stage in Washington, DC. During a performance of her single "Dirty Laundry," which tells of her secret jealousy of "her sister" Beyonce and an abusive relationship she had with her man, Kelly broke down into tears toward the end of the song!

Kelly became emotionally overwhelmed as she sang the line, "Turnin' me against my sister," in reference to her childhood pal.

She told the crowd: "Doing this song for me was so therapeutic. Honesty, like my mama always says, is always the best policy."

In a wonderful twist of fate, the sad times Kelly sang about when Beyonce held the spotlight and Ms. Rowland was left in the dark have been replaced sold-out concerts with her name in bright lights!

On Memorial Day, Kelly released a new song "You've Changed", featuring her former bandmates as the backup singers and Kelly as the lead! She assures us:

It's not a Destiny's Child song, it's me featuring Beyonce and Michelle.

This track will appear on Kelly's Talk A Good Game album, due in stores and online June 18 (MY BIRTHDAY)! I'm going to see her and The-Dream perform the next day in Toronto as part of the Lights Out Tour!

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