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The singer The Dream is making a major comeback
The resurgence of R&B is really gaining momentum with The Radio-Killa  posting that he is ready to release some music. The Dream is ready to make a real comeback and plans to drop not 1 not 2 but 3 albums. These are should good listening material. We...
Dream Defines R&B
Can traditional R&B exist in this fast life full of texts, social media and emotionless interactions? The Dream takes a moment from promotiong his new EP "The Crown" to speak about his beloved, yet fading art form.
party Girls Instagram #Newtube
We bout to jump into this first NewTube video, “But, first let me take a selfie” Yahoo predicts that, thanks to apps such as Instagram and Snapchap, 1 trillion selfies will be  taken by the end of 2014!
Until then check these hot new vids from DJ Noodles, Ludacris, Th…
Kelly Breaks Down [VIDEO]
Kelly Rowland is ready to take over the summer, and she's getting a little help from Destiny's Child! But first, she had to release some negativity and hurt that she held in for too long! Watch the video and listen to the new song "You've Changed" inside.
Lights Out!
About a week ago, The-Dream teased us with a joint tour featuring himself and R&B songbird Kelly Rowland. Well, it looks like it's going to happen this summer.

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