Michelle Williams

Personal Track
Michelle Williams wonders what life would be like if people saw others the way God did on the mellow, violin-based 'If We Had Your Eyes.'
Kelly Breaks Down [VIDEO]
Kelly Rowland is ready to take over the summer, and she's getting a little help from Destiny's Child! But first, she had to release some negativity and hurt that she held in for too long! Watch the video and listen to the new song "You've Changed" inside.
how michelle attracted "fela"
Singer/ Actress Michelle Williams is on her way to Buffalo with the cast of Fela! Check out my exclusive interview where Michelle talks about the powerful musical, her new album and the law of attraction!
Tonight's Big Dummy
Maybe Michelle Williams is trying to throw us off so as not to spoil the "surprise," but one of the Destiny's Child replacements says there will no reunion at the Super Bowl next Sunday because her schedule is already booked. Huh ? What does Michelle Williams the most insignif…

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