Parents are demanding Justice for Kendrick Johnson, the 17yr old Georgia boy who was found dead in a rolled up gym mat at his High School. The death was ruled a accident, but all the evidence points to foul play, including his Missing Organs! Details Inside. 

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So now we have a murdered teenager and missing/stolen organs you would think this would be MAJOR headlines news… but many people still have never heard of Kendrick Johnson and his story. Why all the silence around this murder? Why haven’t the police re opened this case for investigation? Why hasn’t the FBI gotten involved? Someone knows something and someone is hiding something or covering something up. I, myself (like Kendrick’s parents) am filled with unanswered questions.


If Kendrick had gotten himself stuck in this mat accidentally, wouldn't he have yelled out for help? Why are his organs missing? Is it an attempt to cover up or hide the truth surrounding Kendrick’s death?

Johnson Family

In their fight for justice for their son, the Johnson’s have learned that there are surveillance tapes of the schools gym where Kendrick was murdered, however the school will only release the images of Kendrick on the tapes, not the entire tape which would clearly show what happened that day in Lowndes High School. The school claims they must first get the consent of the other minors who are on film before they release the footage that shows the moments before his death.

Rumor has it that a group of kids chased Kendrick into the gym that afternoon, fatally attacked him and dumped his body in the roll up mat. His sneaks were obviously "placed" in after him.

What do you think?

Was Kendrick's death an accident or was he murdered for his organs?

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