Boy Sticks Himself w/ Needle
Imagine your child finding a needle outside somewhere, picking it up, and accidentally sticking him / herself with it.  Scary is probably an understatement.  This is exactly what happened to 6 year-old Skyler Anderson from Niagara Falls.
Delaware Park Safer
On Saturday morning a three-year-old boy was killed and his five-year-old sister remains in critical condition after a car jumped the curb and hit them as they were walking with their mother on Ring Road in Deleware Park. Now find out what the City is doing to prevent this tragedy from ever happenin…
Police Kills Man By Accident
Another Suspect (Eric Harris) has been shot and killed by the Police after running away. However, this time it's a bit different... it was a mistake as, according to the Officer, he meant to Tase the man.
How he reacts after shooting the Suspect is what has people just as upset as the shooting i…

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