This time of year, you can rest assured that the people all over the area are getting ready to watch football, and while the Buffalo Bills are the hometown team, it's our local high schools that get us out of the house early on a Saturday morning to watch the young adults duke it out on the gridiron.

However, the last few weeks have seen a lot of activity at the football games that have caused officials around the area to begin canceling football games. Several football games this season have either ended early or resulted in teams having to forfeit future games:

  • Police officers were called to the East Aurora vs. Lackawanna game due to fights in the stands,
  • The McKinley vs. Bennett game ended at halftime after several fights happened,
  • All fans and spectators were ordered out of the Kenmore West vs. Lockport football game,
  • and a school security officer was shot at a Utica, NY football game.

Now, bad actions by several people at the Kenmore East vs. Cheektowaga game this week have resulted in both teams making a surprising decision.

According to WGRZ-TV, the Kenmore East vs. Cheektowaga was ended early by referees after several players left the sidelines and engaged in an activity that looked like a fight. Officials from both Kenmore East High School and Cheektowaga High School would not confirm a fight happened, but eyewitnesses confirmed it was a rough scene on the field.

Ultimately, whatever happened at this game caused officials from both districts to announce each team would forfeit their next game. Cheektowaga was set to play Amherst, and Kenmore East was due to play South Park.

Hopefully, these players are learning their lessons and will start acting with dignity.

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