Up until this recent ruling, which you're about to read about below, this equipment (pictured) called the StingRay, has been used by Law Enforcement to track Cell Phones.  However, It's usage has been scrutinized by a Judge who has ruled it's current usage UNCONSTITUTIONAL!






Now This ...According to WGRZ.com News

Despite the Judges ruling, the Erie County Sheriff's Office seems to be pushing back with an Erie County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson saying this (according to WGRZ.com News):

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office will be reviewing the court’s ruling, the ruling’s possible impact on investigations, as well as continuing to monitor proposed legislation that could impact how the device can be deployed in the future.  The last scenario the Erie County Sheriff’s Office wishes to happen is evidence, in a criminal investigation, being thrown out due to a court ruling thus ruining a case for the sheriff’s office and prosecutors.





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