This BIG DUMMY is a thirsty U.S. court judge caught sending semi-nude images of himself to a married court bailiff admitted sending similar images to other women. Wade McCree, on Detroit's 3rd Circuit, said, when a reporter showed him the photo, "I've got no shame in my game."


This is a great example when the THIRST takes over a normal thinking man's mind. If your not familiar with THE THIRST this is how the urban dictionary defines it 1. Too eager to get something (especially play) 2. Desperate. That is exactly the word to describe what this judge did THIRSTY. He is a married man sending naked pictures to another man's wife. Anyway you look at this its inappropriate he is a pillar of the community and judges other peoples lives. The sad part about it is he is trying to verify his thirstiness as acceptable behavior. He should be of sound state and mind (JUDGEMENTAL) and not be thirsty. This man's thirst is probably cost him his job. How are you going to be able to judge some one else when your just plain old thirsty ? Technology has allowed old school peeping toms or flashers to find new ways to express their perverted behavior. Lets put this thirsty judge into THE BIG DUMMY FILES. This was sooooooooo stupid.

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