George Zimmerman is, as they say, "reaching for straws!"  The self-appointed volunteer neighborhood watch guy is claiming that the current judge in his case is biased because he said Zimmerman had "flouted" the system.

The judge is saying Zimmerman tried to beat the system by LYING about how much money he had during a preliminary hearing.  Zimmerman and his wife told the judge they didn't have much money for bail, and his attorney requested that the judge take that into consideration.  The judge then granted Zimmerman a $150,000 bond.

However, prosecutors later presented the judge with a recording of Zimmerman (while incarcerated) instructing his wife as to how to transfer funds they had accumulated from a website in support of him.  The website reportedly had raised close to $1 million.  The judge revoked Zimmerman's bail, brought him back to jail and issued a $1 million bail bond.  Zimmerman has since been released after satisfying the bail.

According to numerous news reports, the judge also felt that Zimmerman was a "flight risk" and was trying to flee with the help of the money raised. In addition, the judge believed that Zimmerman exhibited a plan to flee the country because he possesses a second passport, which he never disclosed to the courts.

According to The Buffalo News, Zimmerman said that "the court makes sweeping generalizations about Mr. Zimmerman based on limited information and disregards the evidence that contradicts those conclusions."

The initial judge in Zimmerman's case had already been replaced by the current judge when she stepped down. Here is video related to that replacement:

Now Zimmerman is asking for a THIRD judge to step in, claiming that his current judge has revealed a conflict of interest in the case based on the fact that the judge already has doubts about Zimmerman's integrity with respect to being honest and telling the truth.

Do you think a new judge should be appointed in the George Zimmerman case?

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