Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was asked about current Bills quarterback Josh Allen.  Here's what he had to say...

Bills fans love Josh Allen.  But there are a lot of people who just don't understand the draw.  Just yesterday we posted that he has is very own brand of coffee now that he's selling to help raise money for Oishei Children's Hospital and one of the comments was, "Why?  He's just a football player."

That's true...and that's also one of the things that so many people love about him.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is still very loved by many members of the Bills Mafia.  They love the guy.  How could you not?  He came to a Buffalo Bills playoff game to sit in below zero temperatures and cheered on the Bills by taking his shirt off.  He loves Buffalo.  He's always said that Buffalo was his favorite team to play for and was easily his favorite fan base.

Now he's gone on record to say why Josh Allen is also his favorite quarterback in the NFL.  While sitting in on the Pardon My Take podcast, he said that the answer is pretty simple.  He loves that he's "just a dude."  His ability to just be in the lockerroom and connect with his guys is part of what draws people to him.

It's one of those intangible things that not everyone has.  The ability to connect with people isn't something that everyone can do.  It IS what Fitzpatrick was able to do and it's a reason why so many Bills fans still love him too.

So keep it up Josh.  Just be a dude that plays football.  Keep loving life and winning games, and people will keep loving you for it.

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