One of Buffalo's favorite players of all time is teaming up with one of America's favorite actors, and it's going to be a glorious friendship.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of the most beloved players for Bills Mafia.  How could you not love the guy?  He came to one of the coldest games in Buffalo Bills history as a fan when he was technically still playing for the Washington Football Team and went shirtless like the rest of our crazy fans would.  He's absolutely hilarious and ridiculously smart.

Now, he's teaming up with another guy who is absolutely hilarious and ridiculously smart to form the best spokesperson-owner duo of all time.

Fitzpatrick is teaming up with Ryan Reynolds.  The guy that you know as Deadpool has signed Fitzmagic to be the spokesperson of his gin - Aviation American Gin. Reynolds became the brand's co-owner and ambassador when he acquired an undisclosed minority stake in 2018.  He is also a co-owner of a low level soccer team in England called Wrexham AFC.

We apologize for the language in the tweet...but it's Ryan Reynolds.

Fitzpatrick points out in the short clip that the reason that he's become the new "official Ryan for the official gin sponsor of the NFL" is that Reynolds might be taking a little too much time with "other kind of football."

This could be a friendship that lasts forever and the teammates that we never knew we needed.  Either way, we are in for the ride and are ready for a gin and tonic on the way.

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