I was not lucky enough to grow up in the 1980s and be able to enjoy the full run of the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl runs of the early '90s.

In fact, I started watching the Bills the first year of the drought; yes, I missed all of that good and saw all of the bad.

I saw "bad," but let's be honest, there were many great aspects of the Bills from 2000-2016; mainly the players who became huge fan favorites for fans in Buffalo.

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The most beloved player for the Bills during the drought just might be former quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitz, as he is often called, played in the NFL from 2005-2021 and recently announced his retirement after 17 seasons.

He played four seasons in Buffalo, from 2009-2012. All but 2009 was spent as the starter and while the Bills never made the playoffs during his time here, he was someone Bills fans embraced on and off the field.

If you're sad about Fitz retiring, don't be too sad, because he will be seen almost every week during the NFL season.

It was announced on Tuesday that Ryan Fitzpatrick would join the Amazon Prime Video on its pregame, halftime and postgame coverage for Thursday Night Football games in 2022.

Fitz will join former tight end Tony Gonzalez and former cornerback Richard Sherman on the broadcast. This will be the first season every Thursday Night Football game will be on Prime Video.

I think Fitz will do an outstanding job on the broadcast. He was excellent in interviews and will bring that charisma to the broadcast studio.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Through The Years

FitzMagic has been felt throughout the NFL for 17 years

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