This shirt is the most popular merch purchase ahead of the NFL season for the Buffalo Bills, and it’s becoming such a big deal that other quarterbacks have been caught wearing it.

Ryan Fitzpatrick retired from the league back in June, and in his 17 year career, he has been the starting quarterback for nine teams, which is the most in the league. Out of all those teams, Fitzpatrick played the longest with the Buffalo Bills, where he wore the quarterback jersey for four of his 17 seasons. 

Even before announcing his retirement, Fitzpatrick has been to Buffalo Bills games to support our quarterback Josh Allen and the rest of the team.

It’s pretty special when a quarterback who is still signed with another team comes to your playoff game…not to mention, shirtless.

Fitzpatrick also attended the Bills vs. Patriots game, and the recap was temporarily available on Fitz’s Wikipedia page. 

Even in retirement, Fitzpatrick is still finding new ways to show his support for the Buffalo Bills.

Recently, Fitzpatrick jumped on this new shirt trend that is all the craze for Bills Mafia. The shirt has three boxes that are able to be checked, and they say “Single, Taken, Mentally Dating Josh Allen,” with the last box marked with a check.

We didn’t know it when the shirts went on sale, but I think this picture of Fitzpatrick in the shirt is exactly what we needed as we head into the regular season. 

If you want to match Fitzpatrick, you can order your shirt for just $25 and you can order yours here.

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