This Holiday weekend I had the honor to welcome Ron & Ernie Isley back to Niagara Falls for a very special concert at the Convention Center. Check out this exclusive interview and photos inside. 


Most of us were conceived while our parents got it on listening to The Isley Brothers, so it is in our DNA to be a fan. K'Jon, Noel Gourdin & H-Town made us remember why we love them too Friday Night at the Niagara Falls Convention Center!

Check out what Ron Isley AKA Mr Biggs said about the concert in the exclusive interview below. He also reveals some HOT artists featured on the 2013 Isley Brothers Album and how his 6 year old son keeps him young!

Yes Ron married his back-up dancer and they had a Ron Isley Jr together. I know what you're thinking, Ron is 71 years old! But his wife is 35 years younger than him, so it's possible.