2020 hasn't had much good news for Buffalo, or anywhere else for that matter.  Couple that with the latest antiquated racial discrimination on Hertel Ave. from a group of out of touch, mature, older men ... embarrassingly ...  who are probably Buffalo Bills fans and will probably, and ironically, cheer their Bills team on with no discrimination whatsoever.   In that respect, the Buffalo Bills may be the saving grace for "something good" happening in Buffalo, NY thus far this year.  The Bills are the one thing all Buffalonians no matter what Race, etc you belong to if you're a Bills Fan... from Fall through the winter we're all FAMILY.

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In addition to the Bills 'bonding effect' they have on Buffalo, another bit to GREAT NEWS could come out of Buffalo during 2020 ... a Buffalo Bowl Game!  If you recall, the Buffalo Bills did the unthinkable and impossible task of making their way to 4 Super Bowl Games for 4 straight years IN A ROW between 1991 - 1994, according to brittanica.com.   Could this again be the Bills return to try and win the Title?  Many people are saying this is the best Bills team in years, but the General Manager, Brandon Beane, and Coach Sean Merdormott are not boastful about the predictions that their team may be one of the best this year, rather they are remaining humble but confident.

Check out the NFL's preview of this week's Bills game at home against the New York Jets:

Here's a link to the entire Buffalo Bills 2020 Team Schedule (below):


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