We are in the second week of July, which means we're at just about the warmest part of the entire calendar year. Typically, late July and early August is the hottest portion of the year.

For as warm as it can get in New York State, it's even worse in other parts of the country, especially the southeast and southwest portions of the United States.

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Still, it can get pretty warm in New York State. While temperatures rarely reach 100-plus degrees, we have our fair share of heat and humidity. It's made more difficult to get intense heat, since the state is surrounded by water bodies.

Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean help keep things manageable in the summer months.

Have you ever wondered though, which town or city is the warmest in the entire State of New York? You could even ask "which place" is the warmest?

According to Cheapism, the warmest town or city in New York is in fact, New York City.

The warmest place period, on average, is La Guardia Airport, which averages 1 degree higher than the rest of the city at 63 degrees.

I never would have imagined that an airport of all places is the warmest place in the state (on average), but I guess it makes sense since here in Buffalo, we get weather updates from our airport.

New York City typically does not get as cold as other regions of the state, although it does get its share of below freezing temps and snow...just not as much as places like Buffalo, Syracuse and Oswego.

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