Many African Americans took to Facebook yesterday to express their feelings about The 4th of July / Independence Day Celebration as it relates to Black people.  I read comment after comment and even some who found fault with the many person who ridiculed the "Holiday", feeling as though "The 4th" has little to nothing to do with being African-American...pretty much deeming the celebration one in which it's only appropriate to celebrate among Caucasian people.

The manner in which the sentiments were expressed did not always use the most eloquent words, which probably tainted the impact these appropriate sentiments could have had on the person reading the comments.

On July 5, 1852, 166 years ago to this date, Frederick Douglass didn't have Facebook to express his sentiments...he only had his voice and pen and paper to record his feelings...and he was given a Golden Opportunity to share his thoughts regarding the glorious American Day of Freedom called Independence Day.  This is the Historic Speech Frederick Douglas delivered to a group of Anti-Slave supporters in Rochester, NY exactly 166 years ago on the is date (July 5th( in 1852...the speech is entitled, "WHAT TO THE SLAVE IS THE 4TH OF JULY?"

WATCH & LISTEN (The speech is read by James Earl Jones):

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