It's Flag Day, which is held annually on June 14th. It's a fun holiday for kids, since many schools across New York State hold field days which include games and food.

We're less than three weeks away from the Fourth of July, which will be one of the most anticipated Fourth of Julys, since we didn't have a normal holiday in 2020 and to a lesser extent, 2021.

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This year's 4th will feature all the great fireworks displays we missed over the past two years. It's also a fun holiday for cookouts and family/friend get-togethers.

But as we know from years past, many people take it upon themselves to shoot off their own fireworks, even though many are illegal in the State of New York.

But which fireworks are illegal and legal in New York?

As far as which fireworks are legal, any ground-based fireworks are legal.

These kind of fireworks include ones that emit sparks, wood sparklers, and party poppers. Those are fine and legal to use.

However, the fireworks which are illegal to use in New York include aerial consumer fireworks, Roman candles, firecrackers, bombs and metal-wire sparklers.

Despite the use of illegal fireworks by many every year on the Fourth of July in New York State, it's technically a pretty serious infraction if you're caught setting them off by authorities.

You could be charged with both disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment, which is a felony.

It feels like so many decide to set off illegal fireworks in their yards and even neighborhood streets, that we forget that they are in fact, illegal.

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