If you have traveled in and around town lately you will notice the number of amazing pieces of art on the sides of many buildings. I remember back in the day, writing anything on a building was considered criminal, and graffiti artists would literally get arrested for tagging buildings. Now, with a focus on turning what was once a negative thing into a positive all while beautifying the city, murals around town are in the spotlight.

How Can More Murals Help The City?

In my opinion, there are murals that send positive messages to people that may be feeling discouraged or down that day. I actually was just told a story of a man facing hard times with very little support, he was walking down Bailey ave. when he saw the "You Are Not Alone" mural, that along with other help saved his life. Another reason more murals are a great idea is when people travel into the city from other places, they really get a sense of the character of the city through the artwork they can find pretty much anywhere around town.

I talk with some very well-known artists like Edreys Wajed, who is always working on a project for a client, organization, and sometimes even for the city, I'm sure there are going to be many more pieces of art for the residents of Buffalo and surrounding areas to see. When driving down Main street Elmwood or Niagra you will notice all of the different Murals on the sides of the businesses.

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