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If you're a full-time poker player or someone who just plays occasionally, just like any game of chance, this game can be a little frustrating at times. The game of Texas-Hold em has been around for many years, but it has become even more popular since the World Series of Poker has been on TV, and now that house games are becoming even more popular. Let me give you some basics of the game, so you can fully grasp what happened to me.

Each player is dealt two private cards (Hole Cards or Pocket Cards), after which there is a round of betting. Then there are three community cards dealt face-up, this is called the (Flop), then another round of betting. A fourth card is dealt face up and this called the (Turn), a final card is dealt face-up and this is called the (River), followed by a final round of betting, and then all players still in the game, will show their cards and this is called the (Showdown). you can get more details here.

During a friendly game of Texas-Hold em, I was playing at a  table with a bunch of very bad players, people in the poker community know what we call these kinds of players. I was dealt pocket KK's, which is considered the 2nd best-starting hand in poker. I was the last to act when the first round of betting took place, so of course, I got the second-best starting hand in poker, so I raised.

One player left on the table called my raise, here comes the (Flop), which is (A, K, 10) unsuited, I flopped 3 of a kind, my opponent flopped two pair, (K, 10), what was she still doing in the hand after I raised? like I said, I was playing with some really crafty players. The (Turn) comes, which is a (J) of hearts, I move all-in with my chips, she calls my all-in bet with her two pair, and wouldn't you know what happened on the (River)? You guessed it, A (Q) of hearts, which gave her a straight. I lost the game.

I really enjoy playing, but times like this, not so much.

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